My roots in the Chilean Diaspora play an essential role in my creative output. After the Social Uprising exploded in October 2019, my practice turned to the need to preserve the memory of the crisis that is making deep changes in Chile, almost changing it DNA. By documenting, amplifying, decoding and sharing voices, streets, demands, violations of citizen rights, our slogan: Dignity, our icon: A bloody eye, I bring the past into the present with the purpose of not forgetting it and creating a better future. I consider Design as a powerful tool for coding and decoding information to favour communication and understanding between human and non-human environments. I am interested in cultural, artistic, and heritage-related projects that contribute to the development of society and its surroundings.


My current work brings together my studies in design, cultural management and visual communication with my experience in editorial and graphic design. My approach advocates constant experimentation, freedom of play through Art&Science, collaborative work, and generating projects that contribute to the improvement of democratic culture and environmental awareness. A fundamental component of my work is giving the audience an active role in directly exploring the objects, scales or experiences through deliberate design, generating moments of surprise, pause and reflection.

Last year (2021) I was part of the curatorial team presenting Chile, which won the gold medal at the London Design Biennale with the pavilion ‘Tectonic Resonances: From the human-center design to the planet-oriented design’. Currently, I've just finished a Master in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art, United Kingdom (2022).

I am a designer and master in Cultural Management specialized in editorial projects and graphic design linked to cultural development. I conduct research in design, contributing to the development of the digital platform National Design and being the most outstanding and awarded work as Best Edition 2015, the publication -in co-authorship with Pedro Álvarez- Luis Fernando Rojas: Graphic Work 1875-1942, in addition to being acquired by the Ministry of Education and distributed in various high schools throughout Chile.


I have been part of international congresses on history and design studies: Buenos Aires (2015); Taipei (2016); Medellín (2018); Barcelona (2018);  New York (2020); Quebec (2021).