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I am Carola Ureta Marín, a visual communicator & designer based in London, specialising in editorial design, exhibition projects and information representation. My practice aims to contribute to communication processes, to make them more effective and understandable for everyone. If an idea can be coded into texts and then translated into different languages… what if that same idea cand also translated into shapes, colours, temperature, music or movement among others?

In my career I have carried out projects linked to cultural development, artistic projects and historical and scientific research. In 2021, I was part of the curatorial team of the Chile Pavilion at the London Design Biennale 2021, entitled ‘Tectonic Resonances’, which won the medal for the most outstanding overall contribution.

This year I presented my first solo exhibition in London, at Cromwell Place entitled "Re-Creating Memory: An entropic reading of the city noise". In September I was invited to "Chicharra: Sound Research Festival" in Spain and in January I participated of the Singapore ART-ACT Festival 2023, where I showed a short film in the city centre on a 15-metre screen. Recently, I worked designing for the London Design Festival and currently I am working at the Royal College of Art for the "Ocean & Cities: Grand Challenge 2023-24".

My current work brings together my studies in Design, MA Cultural Management and MA Visual Communication with my experience in graphic design, to COMMUNICATE. My approach advocates constant experimentation, freedom of play through art&science, collaborative work, and the generation of projects that contribute to the improvement of democratic culture and environmental awareness. I consider Design as a powerful tool for encoding and decoding information to favour communication and understanding between human and more-than-human forces [nature, technology, galaxies, materialities, animals, batteries, water, among others].

I have taken part in international congresses on history and design studies: Buenos Aires (2015); Taipei (2016); Medellín (2018); Barcelona (2018); New York (2020); Quebec (2021); Melbourne (2022).

Today's world urgently requires new ways of making, presenting, imagining, building projects, services and experiences for various entities, whether human or more-than-human. As we handle more tools, we will be able to make communication more diverse and thus open up knowledge.


MA Visual Communicator | Royal College of Art | 2022

MA Cultural Management | Universidad de Chile | 2018

BA Design | Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile | 2012




RE-CREATING MEMORY: AN ENTROPIC READING OF THE CITY NOISE | Solo Exhibition | Cromwell Place, London | 2023

Carola U Marín's multi-sensory exhibition is framed within a process of transition that has become the behavior of recent years in Chile. Acknowledging the historical and political variables that mark the passage of time and the social milestones that define contemporary daily life. It is a transition that helps us to understand reality, resonating with past times that remind us that in Latin America, processes derive from permanent chaos.


What is exhibited here is the result of making decisions that guide the will to connect the personal with the collective. Why do I manifest myself? Why do I register it? What do I do with this archive? Based on these questions, a method is proposed for understanding the time and space in which we find ourselves, where operations such as transforming the image into sound become tools for survival and reflection.

Curatorial Text by Daniel Aguayo Mozó


At Cromwell Place, South Kensington, London

In the context of the First Ibero-American Curated Moment event organised by Cromwell Place

From: the 3rd until the 8th of October 2023

4 Cromwell Place, London, SW7 2JE, United Kingdom


Artist Carola Ureta Marín

Curated by Daniel Aguayo Mozó

Project Manager Rosario Bellolio

Development Manager at Cromwell Place Roberta Genovese

Cultural Affairs Embassy of Chile in the UK Catalina Herrera

Room Photographies Chris Lane / Studio Waltzer

Technical Assistance Amir Bech

Teaser Video Julieta Tetelbaum

“The City as Text” Photographs Daniel Corvillón

Postcard Photography Maggie Viegener

Shooting Assistance Eugenia Costanti

Supported by the Chilean Embassy in the UK


Official Invitation V2

A Statement of Dignity | ART-ACT Fest | 2023

‘A Statement of Dignity: The City as Text’ is a short film directed and created by me in collaboration with animator Marco Fuentes and sound by Amir Bech, presented at Art-Act Festival Singapore. The audiovisual piece is an invitation to walk the streets of Santiago during the crisis of 2019, scanning and decoding the messages on the walls as an echo of social demands. The messages are rescued from the walls, and translated into different languages, focusing on understanding public space as a living entity that responds and manifests itself to societal changes.


The festival is a platform for international collaboration where artists and designers from different disciplines come together. In a world of constant disruption, crisis, and conflict, art becomes a powerful tool to drive change. It gives a space to explore and discuss the problems that affect us as human beings and fosters the generation of innovative and revolutionary ideas.


Venues & Details of the screening:


Ten Square (1 Short St, Singapur 188218) - 10th January 2023

Screen Size: 15x2 meters (3840x480 px)


Media Art Nexus MAN (50 Nanyang Ave, Singapur 639798) - 12th January 2023

Screen Size: 8x14.4 meters (2210x1440 px)




A Statement of Dignit

Tectonic Resonances | London Design Biennale | 2021 

‘Tectonic Resonances: From the user-centered design to a planet-oriented design’, was the Chilean pavilion that participated on the third edition of the LDB, responding to the international call made by its artistic director Es Devlin: Resonances.


The pavilion takes a close look at the natural sonic properties of the Andean rocks as a gateway into thinking about the geological and political forces in contemporary Design. The outcome presented is the staging of a primary and ancient action: hitting stones to create an expressive sound, not very different from what human beings would have been doing thousands of years ago at the beginning of the Anthropocene.


We use this simple action to connect with critical issues of contemporary design: the local and material consequences of extractivism in the global south, our fast and technological modes of life in the context of geological times, and the active power of non–human forces. We hope that promoting a tectonic thinking of contemporary design can contribute to a new radical ethic of coexistence. We invite the visitors of the Chilean Pavilion to interact with the rocks and engage with the stories displayed throughout the room.

Curators | Marcos Chilet, Carola Ureta Marín, Martín Tironi, Pablo Hermansen

Designers |  Macarena Irarrázaval, Valentina Aliaga, Sistema Simple Studio, Design System International

Supported by | Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio, la Dirección de Asuntos Culturales (Dirac) del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Chile, ProChile, Embajada de Chile en Reino Unido, British Council, Anglo Chilean Society





Tectonic Resonances